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At Sundgaard, we have extensive experience with all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy and financial distress. We are qualified to help you or your business manage any financial challenges.

Business disputes

Business disputes can have many facets. They may, for example, relate to breach of trading agreements, breach of payment agreements, disagreements about what was agreed between several parties, disagreements about the interpretation of contracts, delays in deliveries, disputes between several owners of a company, disputes in connection with real estate transactions, etc.

Disagreements between otherwise well-functioning parties or disagreements between owners of a company, should be resolved quickly and efficiently. Amicable solutions ensure future cooperation and can save costs for all parties involved. 

We always advise our clients to explore amicable solutions before opting for litigation or arbitration. 

We deal with all types of business disputes and always seek the best solution for the client – and take all aspects into consideration. To understand all aspects of a dispute, we strive for an honest and constructive dialogue with client.

The outcome of all litigation will mostly be determined by the advisors understanding of the facts.