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At Sundgaard, we have extensive experience with all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy and financial distress. We are qualified to help you or your business manage any financial challenges

Real estate transactions

Sundgaard offers real estate advisory services and assists both buyers and sellers of real estate, including in relation to the purchase and sale of condominiums, vacation homes, project purchases, luxury homes, and rental and commercial properties. In addition to a thorough review of the transaction documents and any necessary gathering of further relevant information, you will also receive independent and competent advice on all matters relating to your purchase of real estate.

We always offer a fixed price for buyer advisory services and handling of a real estate transaction.

When buying and selling rental and commercial properties, there can be both sales of the individual property or potential sales of the company in which the property is located. In these cases, we provide advice, due diligence, assistance with negotiations, and contract drafting.