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At Sundgaard, we have extensive experience with all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy and financial distress. We are qualified to help you or your business manage any financial challenges.

Debt recovery and creditor representation

When a business files for bankruptcy, it might be an advantage for the individual creditors to take on their own legal adviser.

It can be help to register your claim in a bankruptcy estate, review the trustee’s ongoing written statements and briefings or to assist employees with their claims with the estate and the Danish Guarantee Fund (Lønmodtagernes Garantifond). Secured creditors or lienholders also have a very specific interest in the liquidation of the secured assets. 

As a secured creditor, including security against guarantors or security in specific assets, mortgages, retention of title and such, you are likely to need guidance. 

At Sundgaard, we advise on all aspects in the relationship between the estate and the creditor.

Debt recovery in a broader sense

Simple debt recovery is often best done by specialist. Using specific debt collection agencies are often a cheaper and more effective solution for simple debt recovery. 

At Sundgaard, we do not offer simple debt recovery, unless we deem it in the clients interest. 

We provide assistance in the more specialized and complex recovery matters. These include matters involving securities, more complex contracts, recovery through the bailiff’s court or perhaps even directly through the Bankruptcy Court to freeze assets and accounts. We also handle disputed cases against difficult debtors. 

We strive to ensure the best – also in a financial sense – solution for our clients.