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Choice of company form

Many people choose to run their business in company form, which can either be a limited liability company (A/S) or a private limited company (ApS). The advantage of operating as a company is that, as a rule, you are not personally liable for the company’s debts.

The disadvantage is that it costs a little more to set up and run a business as a company, and in addition you have the obligation to submit annual reports with the Danish Business Authority.

The incorporation of a company is often considered a  fairly standard service, where the vast majority of commercial attorneys would be able to help. 

The value for the client lies in the advice that is offered in relation to the choice of company form and other agreements and documents that are linked to the specific needs of the company.

We are also happy to help with company law advice and the preparation of documents in connection with other company law restructurings, such as divisions, mergers, share swaps, successions and company conversions.