Attorney-at-law, Associate Partner

Pierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen

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Pierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen is an associate partner with Sundgaard Advokater, which he joined in 2022. Pierre has been advising in insolvency matters, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings his whole career as well as advising on more general corporate, commercial and business law. Furthermore, Pierre advises international clients and enjoy participating in various international networks.

Pierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen graduated as a lawyer from Aarhus University in 2013. During this time, he also studied for 6 months in England, where he focused on business and international law, while immersing himself in British culture and the language. Pierre initially trained as an assistant attorney focusing on commercial law and especially insolvency law at the lawfirm Accura. In 2016, Pierre completed his training as an attorney-at-law and started at Kammeradvokaten/ Poul Schmith law firm, where he initially met his now co-partners, Gunvor and Agnete. Later Pierre worked at Gorrissen Federspiel, where Pierre further developed his experience in particular insolvency e.g., liquidation of companies, insolvency proceedings and legal advice, recovery, and advice to public clients.

During his career Pierre has already developed impressive experience with insolvency proceedings and is regularly appointed administrator in various bankruptcy proceedings.

Furthermore, Pierre has advised domestic and foreign financial creditors in connection with the recovery of claims, including the possible filing of bankruptcy petitions and the handling of bankruptcy proceedings with significant secured/pledged assets. Pierre has a great interest in international issues and relations and invests a great amount of effort in developing an international profile. His efforts include maintaining international connections around the world, referring work, and keeping up with relevant international subjects regarding economics, policy, and especially cross border financial transactions.

In connection with his appointment and subsequent work on various insolvency proceedings, Pierre has also litigated and/or led several court cases regarding bankruptcy disqualification (unfitness) and avoidable claims in bankruptcy.

Pierre also has a special interest as well as understanding of the US and American culture.


Scandinavian and English


The Danish Bar Association

The association of Danish Insolvency practitioners


IR Global as the Exclusive Insolvency member in Denmark

Pierre graduated as a lawyer from Aarhus University in 2013. During his time in Aarhus, he worked as a volunteer at the Student Council’s Legal Aid, and he also studied for 6 months in England. During his studies, he developed a particular interest in commercial law and especially insolvency law, which was reinforced when he started as an assistant attorney and worked exclusively with commercial law, insolvency law, and dealing with bankruptcy proceedings. In 2016, Pierre graduated as an attorney and started at Poul Schmith / Kammeradvokaten and later Gorrissen Federspiel, where he developed and reinforced his skills in particular bankruptcies, liquidation of companies, insolvency advice, recovery, and advice to public clients.

Throughout his career, Pierre has gained significant understanding and insight into commercial and insolvency law advice, and in recent years, he has been appointed as the trustee in several bankruptcy proceedings. Pierre has thus advised domestic and foreign financial creditors in connection with the recovery of claims, including any filing of bankruptcy petitions and handling bankruptcies with pledged assets. Pierre handles all types of bankruptcy proceedings and has experience in winding up businesses and all sorts of incorporations. 

Pierre has also litigatied a number of legal proceedings on bankruptcy disqualification, avoidance claims and adviser liability.

Finally, Pierre can also assist with more general commercial law and helps and advises distressed companies that need advice in connection with potential insolvency.

Pierre is also married to an American and therefore has a special interest and understanding of US relations and culture.